Known Bugs and Problems

  • On older Linux platforms (and possibly others?) the Java VM sometimes throws a "Null Pointer Exception" when starting up. This appears in the terminal window that was used to start the GUI. Since the problem is intermittent, closing and starting again seems to get past the problem.
  • On Linux platforms (at least), printing to a real printer sometimes produces lines that are different in appearance from the rest of the output. The differences are that the font used for the line is "wrong", in any or all of typeface, size, and weight. This is related to the PostScript generator when there are extended (16-bit) Unicode characters in a line. The PS generator seems to draw the entire line graphically instead of just using existing font(s). For whatever reason, the drawing does not match the font used for the rest of the output. Newer versions of Java compiler or runtime, or postscript libraries, may eliminate the problem.

    To-do List

  • Enhance "tape file" formats to include Alf Urban's format, and possibly others. This may include enhancing the Tape File dialog in the case of a new file, to add tags such as description, author, and even help (or help-file links).
  • It may be possible to concoct an ELF-based format that can leverage GNU tools for building program libraries and possible even building ROM and Disk images. It might also pave the way for a "compiler" for wang programs, possibly based on GNU tools such as cpp and gcc.
  • Save pushbutton positions in RC file so that machine "powers up" in the same state that it was last used.